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Lentil Stew

A tasty, nutritious and comforting dish. It's spiced with tandori masala but I feel the combination of veggies that I used does not really belong to the Indian kitchen and therefore I think this dish is more of a fusion style food.

Beside it being easy to make, the combination of whole grain rice with lentils is an excellent source of plant based whole protein. Also check out the nutritional fact part of the blog to learn about the benefits of cooking tomatoes.

**soaking the lentils is important to make them soft so that it will feel like it is part of the sauce and not lentils in a sauce, but it is also possible to prepare the dish without saoking them befroehand.

Let's get to work:

1 big onion

1 green pepper

1 big chili or 2-3 small ones

1 piece of celery

2 carrots

4 tomatoes

1 broccoli flower(500 grams)

1 tbsp tandori masala spice mix

400 ml water

400 ml coconut milk

200 gram dry puy lentils (Green or brown lentils will work as well but will be less tasty)

salt and pepper to taste


  1. Soak the lentils in water for about half a day.

  2. chop the medium size cubes the onion, green pepper, chili, celery and carrots and fry with a spoon of coconut oil for about 10-15 minutes.

  3. Add the tandori masala and fry for another 2 minutes

  4. Add chopped tomatoes and fry togther for another 5 minutes.

  5. Now add the lentils and liquids and cook untils the lentils are completely soften (about 50 minutes).

  6. Add the broccoli in big pieces and cook for another 10 minutes.

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