Oats, amoung many other nutrional benefits, can help you fall asleep easier and also sleep deeper. It has an essential protein called tryptophan that our brain uses to make Melatonin which is the hormone that regulates our sleep-wake cycles. So maybe if you have troubled sleeping? Try to eat your musli in the evening.


Fermented foods have healthy probiotics that is good for our guts and 70 percent of our immune system is in our stomach. Meaning fermented food helps out our entire immune system and therefore entire body and is highly recommended also to people with healthy digestion and especially to people with a weak immune system or who just finished taking antibiotics.


Soy does not have Estrogen in it. It has phytoestrogens, paritcals that are chemically similar to estrogen but does not have the same effects, and actually found to have the ability to reduce our own estrogen production and so risks of diseases caused by high estrogen level like breast cancer. Soy is a healthy legume and it is recommended to add it to your daily menu (When it comes in it's more natural forms-dry beans, edameme, tempeh, natur tofu).


Cooking tomatoes makes Lycopene, the antioxidant commonly found in it, easier to absorb for our bodies. Lycopene also dissolves in fat which will make absrobing it even better so add some olive oil to your tomato sauce and enjoy a healthy and delicious meal.


Citrus fruits are acidic but have an alkaline effect in our stomach and can be helpful for people with problems of a too acidic stomach (like acid reflux) or digestion problems. So spice up your salads.


Gluten, to people without gluten intolerance, is not unhealthy and can be consumed moderately without any problem and with the benefits of fiber, vitamines and minerals from whole grains.  Seitan, white flour and other more processed versions of grains containing gluten though, should be avoided.


Protein is abundant and the health recommendation are from 0.8 to 1-1.2 times your body weight, the latter would be for people who do intense workouts more than 3 times a week. If you eat whole grains, leguemes and nuts with your fruits and veggies you don't need to worry about protein! Actually more people (mainly meat eaters) today consume excess amounts of protein and so poison their bodies and, among other problems, have risk of kidney damage.


The first thing our body needs after workout is the carbs and minerals it used while exercising. The protein our body needs we have about 4 hours to consume. So after workout grab a banana, an apple, maybe some dates or other dry fruits, drink lots of water and plan your meal with ease :)


Diet tip. I have often seen people, who try to loose weight, after workouts drink half a liter of orange juice or other fruit juices. Though not unhealthy those juices are high in calories and lack the fiber in the fruits that makes us feel full. Better to simply eat the fruits!


Sumac is a redish to purple spice with a mild sour flavor that can add flavor to salads as well as cooked dishes. It has many health benefits- it's antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, lowers blood sugar and helps the digestive and urinary systems. It is also delicious so think about adding it to your kitchen. 


Coconut oil, unlike most plant based oils, consists of primarily short chained saturated fats. Saturated fats are more stable and less likely to become trans fats when cooked and short chained fats flow more easily in our bodies and don't stay in our blood vessels. That is why I'd recommend coconut oil for cooking and frying and other oils, for example cold pressed olive oil, for salads and cold dishes.


There are 9 amino acids (Protein building blocks) vital to humans. In grains, leguemes and nuts there is one or more missing, but different ones, this is why you should always mix these food groups to get complete protein (classic rice and beans.)  Some special foods though do have complete protein, so if you are looking to make life easier you can find it in- Quinoa, Soy beans, Buckwheat and Chia seeds.


Oats are naturally gluten free but normaly grown in the same fields with other grains or processed in the same factory. If you are gluten intolerant simply find the gluten free brand next to you and start enjoying the many benefits of oats.


Berries are the food group richest in antioxidants. They happen to be delicious too :) Try to add more of them to your daily menu.